Portland on My Sleeve in Powell’s

Hark! What can now be found at Powell’s City of Books downtown??? Portland on My Sleeve tote bags!! Why yes, prominently displayed in the gift section of the orange room are the tote bags that I make. Dream dos accomplished! Air high-five!

Of course this has been a goal from Day 1. When I returned to the Rose City this spring, I set about trying to accomplish it. Told to check back in in a couple of months when there’d be more space and budget, I faithfully waited for the calendar pages to elapse from April to June and when they did, I sent out my feelers to the buyer again, now bolstered with¬†that trusty Oregonian article to boot :) ¬†And and and she so fabulously placed an order for a dozen bags! I dropped them off in the green room after grabbing a cardboard box from the book-buying desk:

And now they’re out for all to see, touch and buy. I LOVE how they’re displayed with their handles turned-out to reveal the different fabric lining each carries.

More shots:

A real live barcode!

I hope they do well! Powell’s is such a key and central location for all Portlanders and those that come from beyond. When I was doing Portland Walking Tours, we used their map as our guide and tool within the tour to illustrate certain points and story lines to the tourists. Recently I’ve been volunteering at Hoyt Arboretum and again, it comes up time and time again as the premiere destination. It’s an honor to have my stuff repping the Rose City at Powell’s!

Bonus shot of Miss Alley accompanying me when I went to creep the display:

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