First Full Day Back in Berlin

Did I spend it exploring? Soaking up the sun? Looking at flats? Not quite. First of all – it was quite overcast, secondly I was locked in. From the outside and without keys on the inside. So what did I do instead? Watch the remaining episodes I had left of Mad Men Season 4 and bead, bead, bead.

It’s been quite some time since I last caught up on making bobby pins. I purposely prolonged the act knowing all my supplies were portable, so while in Portland, I focused on sewing, sewing, sewing – the sewing of fox scarves and canvas totes. Anyways – I completed something like 50 butterflies and pairs of pins while trapped inside, so the day wasn’t completely lost. It’s funny though – I’ve made a conscious choice to take it a lot slower here than I did during winter. In wintertime, I felt an urgency to go out all the time and soak up what I couldn’t find anywhere else – Berlin nightlife. This time I’m looking for a balance. The indoor crafty time that makes me happy and the parties that bring me further to life.

Luckily Elizabeth gave me some info about locksmiths (this being Germany where everything is in German and my limited language skills do not extend to locksmiths) and then people subletting Olga’s room came in for a brief moment at night (I wasn’t sure there was even someone staying there), so I was able to go out and get food later in the evening. They gave me their keys to use when they left Berlin the following morning. And I wasn’t entirely without Berlin adventure time as Elizabeth and I had gone out for some tasty and crazy cheap Indian food the day before after I arrived at the airport and dropped my stuff. I then spent the rest of the day sleeping.

So yes, so far my time here has been spent sleeping, crafting and relaxing and that’s fab by me. It feels like a vacation! My final weeks in Portland were spent on overdrive trying to fit everything in, so ’tis nice to unwind!

*Also, let’s note the orange packet in the upper left hand corner of the above photo. That’s Uncle Ben’s. I’m afraid I may have become addicted after having it at a dinner party with Francesca, Danielle and Whitney before I left.

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