Drop offs and Mail outs

Before I left Portland for Berlin, I had some busy days doing drop-offs at local stores and mailing out items that had been purchased on etsy and via Facebook/Paypal.

First I hit up the US Post Office to mail out a Portland on My Sleeve Canvas Tote Bag to Paris on behalf of Simon, stylist extraordinaire (most recently to Dita Von Tesse and Audrey Tautou!) who I met at the Dior Homme afterparty during Men’s Fashion week in Paris earlier this year. I’ll probably post those photos soon. So how much does it cost to send a canvas tote bag overseas? Way more than I had expected – a whopping $11!

What else needed to be sent out? Why only my first etsy sale! Let us please acknowledge the item description on the cashier check that the buyer sent to me:

That’s what the item’s official title is and I LOVE that he spelled it all out rather than just write “fox scarf.”

Here’s what was left:

I felt like I filled Tender Loving Empire up to its brim with my drop-offs – enough stock to last the next three months. There were fox scarves, a couple tote bags and new scrabble tile collage necklaces.

In those piles? 9 scrabble tile necklaces, 2 or 4 tote bags and 7 fox scarves. I’m curious to see how long those last. Hopefully not long! Since introducing the scarves in May, they’ve since sold-out twice at TLE. Score! Especially psyched because “summer” isn’t a time I usually associate with scarves. And yes, those are quote marks around “summer” since speaking of it requires air quotes. It was raining the day I dropped these off as can maybe be seen by the drops of rain on my items in the header photo and umbrella in the corner of the next. Oh Portland!

Following these deliveries, I ran 6 bags over to Powell’s on Hawthorne. Another win! In my absence my mom has been doing drop-offs on Mississippi and in NW, plus a mail-out since the etsy sales have continued. Whoo!

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