Brand New: Out Like a Lion Scarf

Not gonna lie, I had a hard time picking just the right name for this new little buddy. My previous two animal scarves – fox and wolf (isn’t that the name of a rad band???) both had a “Like” in their titles… “Crazy Like a Fox Scarf” and “Hungry Like a Wolf Scarf” respectively… both based off two popular sayings. So this little lion could’ve been called “King of the Jungle Scarf” or even “Lion Sleeps Tonight Scarf” because I’m partial to song lyrics too. Then there’s a boatload of circus references that could’ve been made. However, in honor of March weather sayings, I now introduce the Out Like a Lion Scarf as modeled by my esteemed roommate Romain (who just released a new single on Monday!).

Another not gonna lie situation – it’s hard to find fox material anywhere here in Berlin – be it at a fabric store or market. The only sweatshirt fleece in abundance at the twice weekly Turkish market I go to in Kreuzberg comes in primary colors – blue, red and yellow. I went home empty handed the first time I spotted the yellow fleece, but then the idea of a lion struck me. I quickly searched etsy to see if there was already a lion scarf phenomenon. There wasn’t (though I did find this listing), so I promptly went back and bought two yards. Yesterday I bought another three. So in place of foxes until I return to the US in November for Christmas season, please welcome the latest edition to my animal kingdom.

These lions are very limited edition for the time being. They can be spotted on etsy here:

I might just might be selling them at a stall at Mauerpark here in Berlin this upcoming Sunday. Elsewhere in the wild, I will likely be shipping some to Black Wagon and Tender Loving Empire in Portland, OR. Oh! And this is my first scarf to come in two drastically different sizes – kid and adult rather than adult/just wrap it around the kid’s neck ten million times size. More photoshoots to follow!

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  1. By A Panda Scarf in Paris on December 4, 2011 at 5:04 am

    [...] like the hardest fabric to find in the city, though I have found yellow at the Turkish market, hence me beginning to make lion scarves. Via Facebook, roomie Romain recommended the Le Sentier area for purchasing fabric at wholesale [...]

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