Season of Holiday Bazaars

And by season, I mean week. I did three in early December. The proof is what follows.

The first was at the MESD, my former stomping ground that employed me as a Program Leader at Sandy River Outdoor School in 2009 and 2010.

Here’s a view of my booth (with me at it):

I split the table with Lena Coleman who works as an Operation Specialist for Outdoor School. What was on her side of the table? Awesome rugs made by her husband. Not your run of the mill rugs either. They have a sail boat, so he uses old rope from the boat and ties it in nifty knots to create rugs.

Here are a few more photos from the scene at the MESD including a nearby table and my former co-worker Daisy who still runs the plants field study at Sandy:

The second show on the docket was at da Vinci Arts middle school (my alma matter) for their annual art fair. I feel that my booth looked the most pro it ever has this year:

I’d like to acknowledge that that is a music stand holding up my Oregonian article. A music stand as a display piece at an arts school. Love. It.

The third and final bazaar of the season/week was an art fair at Holocene during their weekly Friday happy hour on December 9th as organized by Gina Altamura. And no, it was not your average art fair, but one in which you could buy and sell, but where you were also encouraged to swap with the artists around you. All the while. you can drink rad drink specials (one was titled Purple & Green as an ode to the band – blackberry+tequila+ a lime on the side and the other was title Hotlanta and an alcoholic slushie) and eat their insanely amazing free appetizers. Emphasis on insanely amazing. We gorged ourselves on what tastes like otherworldly delights – such as Mexican wedding cookies with cinnamon ice cream, black beans and green rice, tortilla chip and avocado salsa and other tasty jazz. And who is “we” might you ask? I was one lucky girl! I didn’t brave it alone, nope. Darren and I shared a table while Francesca kept us company. Later Arya and Yousef showed up too.

Here’s the listing that went out to Holocene calendar subscribers:

Here’s some pics:

(Aside from the candlelit table, please note the sign.)

"Life is a dark abyss. Happy birthday!"

In the end Darren was the only one that adhered to the swapping intention. He swapped with three different tables and procured a set of cards, a painting of a cat losing its innocence and a painted wooden bunny that would have set him back only $7 had he shelled out cold, hard cash.

Oh! And the lovely Curtis came by our table. Turned out his birthday was just around the corner so we banished him from the table to write in one of Darren’s cards and add a fox scarf (given Fox is his son’s name) as an impromptu, but very sincere birthday gift.

Another great season had by all!

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