Portland on My Sleeve Window Displays

Portland on My Sleeve bags are proving to be persistent invaders into different store’s window displays. The funny thing is I’ve rarely been in town over the past year to catch these amazing moments in person. Luckily, my lovely friends have been at the ready with their cameras in hand!

The tote bags’ first appearance in a shop window came care of Twill on SE Division. I was tipped off in advance that something like this might be in the works by Meg Aul who played a role in the bags getting into the store in the first place. Her and Michael snapped this photo and sent it to me at the beginning of this year while I was in Berlin:

Being a part of a store’s window display is a crowning achievement, plus you get the added exposure!

Over the summer and heading into fall, I heard from Evan that Tender Loving Empire had include a bag and fox scarf in their autumnal window display. I asked Bryan to head over, which he did. The fox scarves in the store and in the window had already been sold, but he was able to capture the bag sitting beside some Typhoon vinyl:

Over the weekend, Olivia snapped a pic of my bag in the window of Memento on Hawthorne as part of their Christmas display:

I’m super happy! Super happy! This time last year, aside from getting ready to move to Berlin, I was hosting a chorus line of friends at my NE apartment. We’d cut fabric, iron and sew in my living room while listening to Kanye’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and the  Wild Ones EP. Maybe I’ll do a photo recollection of that… Anyway, I would come home from working and just sew, sew, sew. This year they got into stores and it’s been beautiful to see them blossom into an Oregonian feature and several window displays!

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