Paris Fashion Week Coverage

Oh me, oh my! Well, I’ve just arrived back in the US from an interesting time in Paris covering Paris Fashion Week for literally the most outlets I ever have before. It was hard! But now that the links are up, I can look back on it as being both hard and rewarding…

This fashion week marked my return to Gawker. I shot an extensive gallery for them as well as did a mini-write-up:

Over 100K views!! That’s my biggest yet for a Gawker gallery. Super psyched!

This fashion week also marked my first time shooting Paris Fashion Week proper (though I’ve covered Men’s Fashion Week and Haute Couture in Paris before). It also marked the beginning of my contributing to Societe Perrier, my favorite sparkling water brand’s website dedicated to nightlife, arts, culture and music. If you know me in real life, you know I am OBSESSED with perrier and even wanted to have a stage-name that incorporated the brand name when I was 15 year’s old (DJ Raymond Perrier, for the record), so this was rad. Here’s a run down of what I covered for them:

Fashion Week party review: This is New York
Words can’t express how much fun this party was! I only wish I would’ve had my friends with me so we could dance together. However, I played it like Robyn and was “Dancing on My Own” in the middle of the dance-floor for much of the time. I then totally emailed Alley telling her how much I wish she’d been there. It was DREAM playlist full of Top 40 and throw-back hip-hop hit (think Missy and Nelly) and dream crowd of young pretties not afraid to sing-a-long to every lyric of every song. it made me realize how desperate I am to do Paris with friends.

I collaborated on a street-style gallery. I wrote the text and contributed photos 1,2 and 3.

Lastly I also did a show-review and full gallery of the Paul & Joe show, my first attempt at something of this kind.

I have no idea if I’ll do another fashion week. Men’s Fashion Week is coming up again at the end of June and Lina and Bryan have tossed around the possibility. I’d love to do New York fashion week again for the experience of it all as it’s so down to earth, accepting and inspiring.

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