Paris Fashion Week Coverage is up on

Whoohoo! My photos/videos/coverage from Men’s Fashion Week and Haute Couture in Paris can now be found live and ready to view in three separate posts on!!! It’s nice to see it up even if only to serve as proof that I survived – ha!

Gallery: The Male Models Of Men’s Fashion Week: An Appreciation

Video: Male Models Give Us Their Best Pick-Up Lines

Gallery: The Best Of Haute Couture Week

I’m planning to round up more of my photos, footage and such right here shortly. I have an overnight bus from Paris to Berlin later this evening (after I go to sleep, have a full day and pack) so I hope to fill some of that time getting some recaps in order. And I can’t wait to get my disposable camera from the Dior Homme afterparty developed!!

And more screencaps for posterity’s sake:

I knew I bought myself an ipod-touch for a reason! It was super fun to do video and provided more of a reason to have conversation that still photography doesn't always offer.

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