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A little over a week ago the super talented and ever-so-affable Lisa Schonberg sent me an email about her latest project. Was it a new band along the lines of Kickball (MP3), Explode Into Colors, STLS or Thao and the Get Down Stay Down? Nope. She’s got all those bases covered and was getting involved in a new field – launching a music-related initiative to encourage Portland people to move their money from the big banks to community banks and credit unions. This is something I can get behind hardcore! And that’s just what she was asking – for people involved in the music community to pledge their support – either by moving their money by November 5th or to state that they already had. I did in the spring last year and promptly told her so.

Cue up a week later and the project has been launched along with a spiffy website that provides information as to why you should switch and resources to help with the transition.

Along the right side of the screen are the people who have pledged involvement. I took a screencap of where my name appears right after the site launched. Pretty good company, eh? Many more people have since signed up as well in support and the list continue to grow.

LocalCut did a write-up here:

In other related news, it’s super delightful to still be a member of the PDX music community even when I’m abroad. However, in under a week I will be live and in person in Portland and perhaps on the look-out to stir things up…

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