Milagres Publicity Shots for Kill Rock Stars

Gee golly gosh! It’s about time I finally post this! This being the publicity photos I shot of Milagres on behalf of Kill Rock Stars. Originally on the calendar to happen during the craziness of SXSW, the shoot ended up happening in Portland at the end of March.

The night prior to the shoot I got to see them for the first time at Mississippi Studios. Another band I also saw for the first time that night? Wild Ones! Be still my beating heart. I later did their publicity shots too, but that’s a whole ‘nother post… Back to the story at hand… the ever trusty Evan and I took off, trying to pin-point a location day-of due to the rain making my #1 pick Elk Rock Island inaccessible. And due to continued rains, you still can’t reach it! Along the way, we gathered bricks, mirrors, paper and fabric for the holy grail of prop materials.

I’d estimate we shot for around 3 hours along the Spring Water Corridor Trail, accomodating color and whimsy for the lenses of both my Hasselblad and my digital Canon camera. There was plenty of humor – from best tour bathrooms to grilled cheese sandwiches. These blokes are awesome! So awesome! I love when you can love a band for their music and who they are as people.

I was in my hotel room in Austin when Marisa and I were first exposed to Milagres’ dreamy-goodness by way of the group’s track “Glowing Mouth.” On repeat it played.

Who knows what materials these photos will turn up in, though turn up I hope they do! Album is out in September, so we shall see… The shoot was quite the conglomeration and exploration including experiments with double exposures. I do really like the shattered mirror images though.

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