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Portland-themed City Magnets

A few weeks ago I sat down to make some Portland themed magnets. First I brainstormed a list of Portland’s most well known traits such as frequent rain, its terrain such as trees and mountains and its nicknames such as “Bridgetown” and “Stumptown.” Then I broke out some paints and got creating… The magnet base [...]
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New Stockist: The Space

I’m super happy to say that one of my newest stockists is the Space by Jillian Rabe. It’s run by her and her sister and located at: 1030 NW 12th Avenue in Portland, OR. What can you find there made by moi? Beaded bobby pins, scrabble tile necklaces, Portland on My Sleeve canvas totes and [...]
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Season of Holiday Bazaars

And by season, I mean week. I did three in early December. The proof is what follows. The first was at the MESD, my former stomping ground that employed me as a Program Leader at Sandy River Outdoor School in 2009 and 2010. Here’s a view of my booth (with me at it): I split [...]
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Portland on My Sleeve Window Displays

Portland on My Sleeve bags are proving to be persistent invaders into different store’s window displays. The funny thing is I’ve rarely been in town over the past year to catch these amazing moments in person. Luckily, my lovely friends have been at the ready with their cameras in hand! The tote bags’ first appearance [...]
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Since I’ve Been Back

Oh girl, I be so busy since I’ve been back in Portland! Doing things. Of course. Like sewing, sewing and more sewing! Store drops off, approaching new retailers and so much more! I’m gonna try to catch up on back posts which includes, but is not limited to: holiday bazaars, an appearance in the Willamette [...]
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3 New Berlin Stockists

Right before I left Berlin, I did a quick run around to stores in my final days and am now a card carrying member that can boast three stockists in Berlin. Let’s do a roll call shall we… Fumanchuh Located in my former hood of Friedrichshain, Fumanchuh now carries my animal scarves and scrabble tile necklaces. [...]
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Paper Mache Workshop at Etsy

On Halloween, I hosted a spook-tacular Paper Mache event at Etsy Labs in Berlin. It was in a word, AMAZING! It had been in the works for quite some time and was super super fun when it came to be in actual reality. Let’s take a look shall we? Here’s the listing from Etsy’s event [...]
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A Panda Scarf in Paris

I’ve got a full zoo going with my animal scarves and what’s the newest animal? A panda! I’d had the idea of a panda since summer, but it took a whirl-wind trip to Paris to bring it to life. So how did it come to be? Well ClĂ©ment and I teamed up for a multi-part [...]
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Move Your Money Portland

A little over a week ago the super talented and ever-so-affable Lisa Schonberg sent me an email about her latest project. Was it a new band along the lines of Kickball (MP3), Explode Into Colors, STLS or Thao and the Get Down Stay Down? Nope. She’s got all those bases covered and was getting involved [...]
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Occupy Wall Street in Berlin

My new roommate Yony is obsessed with Occupy Wall Street. The moment I moved into the flat on Monday night, he remarked that my money skirt looked very “occupied.” Ha! We’ve since discussed Kanye’s presence and the livestream as well. I’ve been crafting up a storm this past week, including making more scrabble tile necklaces. [...]
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