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Musical Coasters

I haven’t decided yet whether these are going to be “limited edition” or perhaps the kick-off for moving my line into home-goods territory, but at the end of October I bought up some super thick felt in Berlin, packed it up and brought it to Paris and made these new musically-themed drink coasters. Record Player [...]
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Occupy Wall Street in Berlin

My new roommate Yony is obsessed with Occupy Wall Street. The moment I moved into the flat on Monday night, he remarked that my money skirt looked very “occupied.” Ha! We’ve since discussed Kanye’s presence and the livestream as well. I’ve been crafting up a storm this past week, including making more scrabble tile necklaces. [...]
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Land Gallery / Buy Olympia

Ooooh! exciting news! Miss Nilina has a new stockist! The fine and fabulous folks at and the Land Gallery storefront in Portland now carry my Crazy Like a Fox Scarves and Portland on My Sleeve tote bags! And my oh my do they look all fancy in the shop and on the website! Here’s [...]
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Brand New: Out Like a Lion Scarf

Not gonna lie, I had a hard time picking just the right name for this new little buddy. My previous two animal scarves – fox and wolf (isn’t that the name of a rad band???) both had a “Like” in their titles… “Crazy Like a Fox Scarf” and “Hungry Like a Wolf Scarf” respectively… both [...]
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Magazine Bracelets

Back when I was in high school, I made bracelets out of gum wrappers. I would buy them in bulk, not even eat the gum and just make bracelets to sell at Portland Saturday Market. Then Wrigley’s discontinued using paper wrappers. Not too long ago, I decided to revisit the concept, using magazine paper instead. [...]
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First Full Day Back in Berlin

Did I spend it exploring? Soaking up the sun? Looking at flats? Not quite. First of all – it was quite overcast, secondly I was locked in. From the outside and without keys on the inside. So what did I do instead? Watch the remaining episodes I had left of Mad Men Season 4 and [...]
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Drop offs and Mail outs

Before I left Portland for Berlin, I had some busy days doing drop-offs at local stores and mailing out items that had been purchased on etsy and via Facebook/Paypal. First I hit up the US Post Office to mail out a Portland on My Sleeve Canvas Tote Bag to Paris on behalf of Simon, stylist [...]
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Portland on My Sleeve in Powell’s

Hark! What can now be found at Powell’s City of Books downtown??? Portland on My Sleeve tote bags!! Why yes, prominently displayed in the gift section of the orange room are the tote bags that I make. Dream dos accomplished! Air high-five! Of course this has been a goal from Day 1. When I returned [...]
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Oregonian Feature!!!

Whoo-hoo! A few weeks ago something so magical happened on the way to the races. What races? I don’t know – it just sounded fancy, but anyways – the Oregonian ran a feature on me and the Portland-themed canvas tote bags that I make! So psyched! Running both in the paper and on the web, [...]
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New Greeting Cards!

After quite some time spent pondering, I made the leap last week into the fantastical world of watercolor. Oooooh, ahhhhh. I had bought a fancy set about a year prior (with like 27+ colors) and finally put it to work. First I took some of my illustrations to Fedex/Kinkos and photocopied them onto watercolor paper [...]
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