Boat Poster for Backspace

Last week I whipped up a poster for the Boat show at Backspace on June 17th:

First I got to work in my old-fashioned, hands-on way, using construction paper and scissors to craft the image I wanted. The general idea was to have it be semi-literal in the vein of having boats and little mittens and confetti in an ode to two of the bands’ names, while also having some conceptual imagery to go hand and hand with it. I wanted to have there be two mirrors on a curved oak stand. There’s a vagueness/duplicity to the image so that it can also be interpreted as eye glasses and a mustache.

Here are my process shots:

Then, for the first time ever, I was the one to also hang them once they were printed. In the past it’s always been a game of trying to spot a poster once it’s been hung. I could traipse into the typical areas such as Hawthorne, Belmont, 39th and Alberta and pretty much be assured a glimpse. Or more often than not, I could have a friend report back to me with an exact location they’d spotted a poster of mine at. Sometimes it’d be in the window of Everyday Music. Sometimes it’d be right outside of their house on SE 12th, sometimes it’d be across the street from Potato Champion, or a very specific pole on 38th and Belmont. This time since I was hired as poster hanger I was the one in control of their placement. And let me just tell you, my mind has been a swirl in proper poster hanging etiquette. I’ve done it once before with Winter is the New Summer propaganda, but that wasn’t date specific. This was and so I was paying more attention to the dates on the posters already on each pole, seeking to cover only posters whose events had come to pass. On a postering spree with Darren in SE on Friday night, he said he aims to cover whatever the most boring poster is. Sehr interessant.

Here’s an on-the-street glimpse care of my Wednesday night efforts on Alberta, followed by a shot from inside Backspace where they hang in full color:

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