A Perfect Circle for Spin.com

Wednesday night was a night of firsts. How so? Well, Miss Nilina has a brand new camera and Wednesday night marked her very first night of putting it to use. Not only putting it to use, but even turning it on… ahahaha…

Last week an email arrived in my inbox. Actually they do everyday, but this particular message carried an assignment from Spin – whoo! I have very much transitioned into portraiture from live photos, but I’ll put my live photographer hat on in a quick second if it’s for Spin.com. The assignment? Shoot A Perfect Circle’s tour kick-off at the Schnitz.

I trekked out at 8 to Arlene Schnitzer concert hall to capture the performance. Difficult lighting? Check. Lead singer veiled on a platform in the background? Check. So it kinda added up to a bit of a tough shoot, but whatevs. I was able to kick out some shots and they’re now available for viewing on Spin.com. Note how the written review even talks about the low light.

Review and photos: http://www.spin.com/articles/perfect-circle-kick-six-week-tour

The crowd was rabid in a good way (mostly ;) – there was so much devotion present and there wasn’t anyone phoning it in. Everyone was very much there to be THERE. Rad! But I did have a bizarre interaction with a girl who tried to convince me not to take photos during the first two songs based on how much the band “hates it” despite that I wore an official photopass arranged by the publicist and provided by the band. Okay…

I capped my night off at Red Cap singing karaoke with Alley and Chris. God damn did we have fun!

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